Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

ALERT: "Hard Disk Failure predicted". Are you prepared?

Detect hard disk drive issues before catastrophe strikes

Is it possible to express the financial value of the information on your computers and servers? What would happen if one day that data would not be available?

Disaster. Loss of information, loss of profit, loss of production, cost of recovery... The average loss can be approximately $4000 per event (*) By the time the system starts behaving strangely or making odd noises, it may be too late to backup your important data!


With Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, you'll always have a complete overview of your hard disk drive's health, so you can spot potential problems before they result in an irrecoverable hard disk failure.

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is your key to identifying, monitoring, testing, diagnosing, and repairing your hard disk drive problems, even with Solid State Drives. With Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, you can instantly see detailed reports about the total health of your hard disk drives, including temperature, self-monitoring (S.M.A.R.T.) data, transfer speeds, and more. Any deviation in these factors could be an early warning sign of impending hard disk drive failure!

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional also works on hard disks and SSDs that are being used in external USB or e-SATA enclosures and works with RAID controllers, so you will not need to use separate tools to verify internal hard disks, external hard disks, SSDs, RAID arrays as these are all included in a single software: the award-winning Hard Disk Sentinel Professional.

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Key features of Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

  • Real time hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state disk (SSD) status monitoring

  • Diagnose hard disk issues (health, temperature or performance)

  • Hard disk tests to reveal and repair (fix) HDD problems

  • Alerts to predict and avoid hard disk failure

  • Scheduled and automatic (on-problem) backup functions

  • Remote monitoring, advanced hard disk control and management features

  • Free lifetime technical support and help

  • Lifetime license - no renewal or subsricption costs, lifetime free upgrades to new versions

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"I just tried Hard Disk Sentinel Professional and it's great. I love it. I have tried a bunch of tools and yours is clrearly the best out there."

- Christian Busch

I am very impressed with Hard Disk Sentinel Professional, the documentation and the quick response to my questions. Thank you very much: you are an example to all suppliers how they should develop their products and how to service their clients!

- Fred Knottenbelt


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